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Here’s What No One Tells You About Bikes On Back Order

Biking a surge during a pandemic. April began showing signs of bikes selling out in the United States. Citizens want to get out after an abrupt lockdown for a few months during the wintertime. Do you need to get out to see if they are not alone? Those who haven’t ridden bikes in years, get to relive their childhood.

Bike shops can’t keep bikes in stock for very long. Many are still on backorder. Sales and bike rentals are booming. Even bike repair has increased along the way.

Bike shops have to wait for parts for repair. The supply chain has been affected. The much-needed parts may take weeks to arrive.

Biking helps everyone social distance. Without gym access, many want to continue to work out. Biking alleviates that need. Physical fitness is on the rise. It helps keep sanity in place.

Entire families are seeking ways to spend time together. They are purchasing bikes for every member of the household. One home may need 4 to 5 bikes each.

Right now, it is difficult to find low and cost bikes. Some prices are starting at $450 and up. Mostly up.

Last summer I purchased a bike online for about $65. It is built for an adult. It was a bit pricey for the bike shop to assemble it for me. However, I have totally gotten my money’s worth. Let’s just say I’m happy with my purchase. Either way, it was a total upgrade from my previous bike.

Other options include signing up for a Citi Bike. They have docking stations everywhere in Manhattan alone. Citi Bike is always expanding to other cities. This type of service works great for people who don’t have the storage space for a bike. At least they still get all of the useful advantages of having access to a bike.

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