Scrub-A-Dub-Dub, Exfoliate Yourself In the Tub

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Self-care is not limited to applying creams and lotions to our skin. It is an on-going process of life. Did you know that exfoliation is a thing? Yes, think about some of the treatments you can get at a spa.

Exfoliation is on the menu, trust me. Help your skin out from time-to-time. Try a body scrub. Today you can find all sorts of body scrubs. The prices range from high end to economical. Or create some at home for your personal use. Note: Only use a facial scrub for your face. The skin in this area is more sensitive and prone to acne breakouts or over-production of oil.

Exfoliation: How it works

Mix some sugar with an oil of choice such as coconut, almond, olive. You can decide what you want to use. Pour sugar into a bowl or a container to use later. Slowly pour the oil in and mix until you get a consistency of paste. 

Apply it to your skin in a circular motion. You are increasing your circulation and removing dead skin. Look at it as helping your skin to breathe better. Afterward, there will be no need for lotion because your skin will already be hydrated and soft to the touch.

How to Make Exfoliating Body Scrub| DIY

Do you have dry, cracked heels? Use the scrub to give you some relief. Apply it as often as you need to soften your heels. I like to do this before going to the nail salon. Any moisturizers applied will absorb properly. It is refreshing and feels like you washed away your day.

Did you know that by adding baking soda to your bath, you are conditioning the water? Add a few drops of essential oil for scent. Lavender, rose, bergamot, lemon is relaxing. Pick one or mix as you choose. Or go to the store and buy the types that are already blended for you. Some may say Stress Away or Calming. Don’t forget to add a cup of Epsom Salt. Soak for 20 – 30 minutes to absorb the much-needed magnesium from the Epsom. Magnesium is a mineral that the human body thrives off of to keep us healthy. Most people have a magnesium deficiency.

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