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Don’t Underestimate the Joy of Pets

The other day I visited the park and saw something disturbing. Three different idiots allowed their dogs to chase and terrorize the squirrels that resided. Before that moment, I had never noticed how the squirrels reacted on a deeper level. The little creatures were trembling with fear.

People tend to forget that animals have families too. Animals feel sadness when their family members fall ill or pass away. Yes, animals can experience depression and phycological damage like their human counterparts.

I witnessed a small family pet (rodent) calm another animal down when they were upset. Another time I saw a rodent tend to her mother who was dying. She groomed her and made her as comfortable as she could. The daughter was depressed for three months after her mother died. They were very close. The daughter was never the same, no matter how I tried to cheer her up.

It is not enough to keep your dogs on a leash. Don’t allow your pet to disrupt the lives of the animals who live there. You are a guest. Imagine a stranger holding a cocked gun to your head and laughing. Then you look around to see other people laughing at you simultaneously. Yet, no one assists you. That is how it feels to be wildlife in the parks. Not so funny now, is it? Be considerate. You are a visitor to their home.

Pets have the ability and often display unconditional love. A thing that is difficult to get from other human beings at times. Many look forward to your return from work or school. They worry like parents about your well being when you are gone. Animals have the innate capacity to make you a better person.

Take the time to care for the animals and each other. Be kind.

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Published by Violet

Founded in New York City in 2020. We believe in living a life full of joy, gratitude, and free of judgment. These feelings inform our bodies when a change as needed. At Rosalina Health, we focus on the natural upkeep of our minds, bodies, and souls.

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