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Small But Important Things To Observe In Sciatica Pain

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Sciatic pain generates from the hip area of the body. The pain can come on suddenly and last for weeks. Those who have experienced sciatica have had excruciating pain. Pain that was so strong it left the individual unable to move from their seat or bed.

The lucky ones had a dull pain. For most, the pain feels like a sharp burning sensation. I have met two people who only get the pain on one side of their bodies. Both felt so much discomfort sitting for prolonged periods of time.

The woman mentioned the sensation often runs from her lower back to her buttocks and down to her calf muscle. Sadly, sciatica may cause one to lose control of their bladder temporarily.

The man had several visits with his physician, where he received an epidural each time. Eventually, he opted for laser surgery. Fortunately, the surgery was a success. A herniated disk in his spine had applied pressure to his nerve.

Both subjects had a few things in common. Neither of them exercised, up in age, and are obese. Let me be clear; excess weight only makes this medical condition worse. The weight applies added stress and pressure to the spine. Leading primarily sedentary lifestyles has taken its toll on their bodies. The only thing they are not responsible for is being elderly. Focusing on weight-loss and keeping active can only enhance their lifestyles. 

Many of us have been told as kids and young adults to stand and sit up straight. Doing so alleviates stress on the neck and shoulders as well as keeps your spinal disks aligned. Once a disk is out of place, surgery will most likely be a feasible option.

Sciatica is another way the human body is screaming out for help. It is up to the individual to make a conscious change for the better. Take cues from your body, keep track of each instance for your personal health records. Know what sets the pain in motion. Begin to focus on hip stretches and make them part of your daily routine. Since the calves can be affected, stretch your hamstrings. Don’t wait until your hip muscles feel tight. Preventative action is important. Speak with your doctor on ways to treat and understand sciatica.

Here is a video to help you on your journey. 

Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief Stretches

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