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Belly Dancing for Babes

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Increase your sex appeal game with belly dancing. Swivel your hips in the name of weight-loss. In the process, you will enhance your ability to dance in general. Even if you already know how to dance, add this to your fitness arsenal. 

Until the world recovers from the pandemic, have fun on your own or join a community. Watch a video on the basics of the dance. Perhaps start an online class to invite people from all over to participate via Zoom or Google Meet, for example. 

Initially, do not expect to be perfect; practice and watch your skills increase. Or create a Girls Night and make an event of it. How about Belly Dancing and Wine as a theme? Contact your best friends and relatives and send out those invitation links.

Keep working at it and add it to your fitness routine. Eventually, the pounds will drop while toning your body. Feel better and energetic. For an added benefit, your digestion and balance will be better than when you started. Believe it or not, you are going to increase your bone density. Keep osteoporosis at bay—additionally, alleviate joint and or back pain.

30 Minute Belly Dance Workout For Beginners Step By Step

Watch this for inspiration. Belly Dancer 50.000.000 views This Girl She is insane Nataly Hay !!! 

Sadie Marquardt EPIC bellydance performance in The Massive Spectacular! (2020) 4K

Rachid Alexander Male Belly Dancer танец живота

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