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Steps You Need To Take If You Get Infected With CoVid-19

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How to Read Your Results, when you receive your results it should look like this.

ComponentYour ValueReference Range

SARS coronavirus 2-VitalAxis Not Detected Not Detected

Disclaimer :

Reference Range: NOT DETECTED

Your test results are Negative

If your Reference Range or Value states Detected, you have the Virus. 

Either way, call the CDC or 311 to take the following steps for Quarantining. At this point, you should have signed up online to receive your results. All pertinent phone numbers and websites should be available to your there.

If you have been around someone who has tested Positive within the last five days, get tested for CoVid, or are showing symptoms, you should go immediately. Here is the website for a listing of places:   Get the Regular Test (results in 3- 5 days). The Rapid Test may not be accurate. Find out if your job accepts the results of a Rapid Test.

To Get a Letter to Return To Work In NYC 5 Boroughs

Call 212-268-4319 for Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten Island, and Brooklyn.

Follow the instructions to speak to someone to get the letter.

Look for it in your e-mail and give it to your employer.

NOTE: Do not retake the CoVid test before 3 – 4 weeks. Your body may have remanents of the Virus. You could get a false-positive test result. Your result will say it is positive when it is not

A positive test means you will have to self-quarantine for another 10-14 days. 

After surviving the Corona Virus, your lungs will have remnants for up to 90 days. You should be healthy. Once the vaccine becomes available, go and get yours. Keep track of getting a second dose if needed. Return to the same place you originally received your vaccination.

Be well and stay safe.

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