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The Following Day Was Calm After The Riots

Everyone went on about their day. It was a bright and sunny #Sunday. I couldn’t believe how a bunch of mini wars spontaneously combusted throughout the U.S. I am grateful that the #Citizens were civil today. There weren’t any #police around. None that I’ve seen. Be safe. Take care of yourselves. 🌆

Here’s what you need to know about bentonite Clay, check it out

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Benefits Of Using An Natural Hand Sanitizer

Before the pandemic hit in 2019 I used hand sanitizer throughout the day at work. I noticed a pattern. The more I use the hand sanitizer with 100% alcohol in it, the drier they became. Little red welts developed in between my fingers. It was uncomfortable and made my itch. I had never seen itContinue reading “Benefits Of Using An Natural Hand Sanitizer”