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Things I Can Do to Improve My Physical Fitness

I had an intensely frustrating physical therapy appointment this morning. I told the physical therapist that, despite the semi-orthopedic shoes and …Things I Can Do to Improve My Physical Fitness

Your guide to Zumba for weight loss

Zumba is a lot of fun and can be an effective way to shed extra pounds. Here’s more about Zumba for weight loss.Your guide to Zumba for weight loss

Panchaprana: pranic force fields or vital energy

“Prana” is the one life force that permeates all living things and in fact all matter. This cohesive, animating force is also known as “Maha Prana” …Panchaprana: pranic force fields or vital energy

Yoga Influencers to Guide Your Practice

Six people whose work helps you with your workout, take a breath as you indulge in these yoga-fluencers and their helpful contentYoga Influencers to Guide Your Practice

What is Manual Lymph Drainage?

Having recently completed her Level 1, Manual Lymph Drainage certification and working towards her Level 2, Jennifer Mesaric, Registered Massage …What is Manual Lymph Drainage?

Ways To Raise Your Vibration

Decide what behaviours or actions you no longer will tolerate from yourself or others. Commit to rewriting them. Get clear on what lights you up, and…Ways To Raise Your Vibration

Stuffed Pasta Shells with Summer Squash & Herbs

This vegan version of stuffed shells is a little lighter, but still full of flavor and satisfaction, you won’t miss the original. Right now, I have …Stuffed Pasta Shells with Summer Squash & Herbs


What is reflexology? The main benefits of reflexology are that it unblocks energy channels and has a relaxing effect. It can also stimulate the …HAND REFLEXOLOGY FOR BACK PAIN…


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