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Prebiotics, What Are They Good For?

As per this prebiotics guide, prebiotics are a group of nutrients that are degraded by intestinal microbes. In recent years, its relationship with … Prebiotics, What Are They Good For?

Exploring Energy Healing and Sound Meditation

CREDIT: ROY SCOTT/GETTY IMAGES Over the past two years I got curious about energy work and energy healing. First, I watched a Goop episode on energy … Exploring Energy Healing and Sound Meditation

First Steps to Winning Against Depression and Anxiety — Curate Pretty

The thing about depression is that it’s really easy to hide… Until it’s not. I remember how I felt when Dr. F. concluded that I’d been living with untreated post-partum depression compounded by longterm major depression. I felt meh because listen, I’ve been reading psychology ‘for fun’ since age 12 when I diagnosed my own […]Continue reading “First Steps to Winning Against Depression and Anxiety — Curate Pretty”