The Secret To Improving Stamina & Endurance – Cult Fit — Bombay Ficus

Disclaimer : I do not own this article. This article was originally published here. It was insightful and I felt like sharing it with the readers on this page. I should also tell you that I have been a member of Cult.Fit for almost a year now and use their gyms regularly. What’s the secret, […]Continue reading “The Secret To Improving Stamina & Endurance – Cult Fit — Bombay Ficus”

Jumping Rope With All In — All In

01/17/21 Another awesome workout tonight I must say. I was actually exhausted for once today and didn’t finish my last set of traps exercises. It’s probably because I had bacon wrapped shrimp for lunch along with a chicken enchilada. Good eats and a shot out to Cazuelas Mexican Restaurant in Surprise, AZ a must try […]Continue reading “Jumping Rope With All In — All In”

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