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Would You Trust This Pop-Up Covid-19 Testing?

People do your due diligence. Research 🔬 the companies requesting your personal information. Otherwise face the enormous consequences later. Do not accept what you are told at face value. Who volunteers to get scammed. Don’t be that person. I’ve never heard of a speedy results to board an airline. It takes a few days toContinue reading “Would You Trust This Pop-Up Covid-19 Testing?”

Steps You Need To Take If You Get Infected With CoVid-19

How to Read Your Results, when you receive your results it should look like this. ComponentYour ValueReference Range SARS coronavirus 2-VitalAxis Not Detected Not Detected Disclaimer : Reference Range: NOT DETECTED Your test results are Negative If your Reference Range or Value states Detected, you have the Virus.  Either way, call the CDC or 311 to take theContinue reading “Steps You Need To Take If You Get Infected With CoVid-19”