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Daily Dose of Nature — Be Inspired..!!

Aromatherapy & Yoga Essential oils work synergistically with Yoga and complement poses that encourage increased circulation, improved muscle tone, deep breathing and relaxation. The five principles of Yoga are exercise, deep rhythmic breathing, release from tension, relaxation and meditation. The physical exercises are the Asanas, various stretching poses that have many health benefits including increased […]Continue reading “Daily Dose of Nature — Be Inspired..!!”

Here’s Why You Need Aromatherapy In Your Life

Make lavender oil your introduction to essential oils. It is calming and encourages restful sleep. When you need to take it down a notch this can be your go-to product.Essential oils are a natural alternative to Using toxic aerosol sprays and plugins. Use a diffuser in their place. The diffuser releases the scent of yourContinue reading “Here’s Why You Need Aromatherapy In Your Life”