Relieving Stress With Yoga

Just me and my dog doing eagle arms Look. If you’re a student, you know the deal, there’s a shift in the air around mid-November. Chills creeping up … Relieving Stress With Yoga

Are all Chiropractic Patients Adjusted the Same Way?

A common questions among people both familiar and unfamiliar with chiropractic care is, “Are all chiropractic patients adjusted the same way?” The … Are all Chiropractic Patients Adjusted the Same Way?

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review

Unlock Your Hip Flexors has done very well for itself. Even though it addresses a topic most people are unaware of, it has become an online … Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review

12 Bedtime Yoga poses for better Sleep

This visual outlines 12 different and useful yoga poses that are scientifically proven to help you feel more relaxed and get a better night’s sleep. 12 Bedtime Yoga poses for better Sleep

Flexibility Series for Runners: Part 1

Static vs. Dynamic Stretching vs. Foam Rolling: The Great Debate of Sports As many of us prepare for fall running race season, I wanted to visit this… Flexibility Series for Runners: Part 1

Classical Stretch Season 12: Aging Backwards — 2 Lazy 4 the Gym

After checking out Classical Stretch Season 8 from the library and thoroughly enjoying it, I looked into actually buying a season to own. They are expensive. On the Essentrics website Season 12 is $65 (currently on sale for $52). It’s currently $56 on Amazon. Of course, you are getting 30 workouts. But still. It was […]Continue reading “Classical Stretch Season 12: Aging Backwards — 2 Lazy 4 the Gym”

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