Vegan diet: 7 basic rules

Nowadays, more and more people are eating vegan. There are various reasons for this, but ethically motivated vegans often neglect their health, … Vegan diet: 7 basic rules

Top 5 Tips for Holistic Living | Healthy Living

Many misconceptions are out there regarding holistic lifestyles. It’s assumed to be very crunchy, anti-vax, homeschooling, organic food and lots of … Top 5 Tips for Holistic Living | Healthy Living

Alzheimer’s Diet: Foods to Prevent Alzheimer’s

Certain meals can help to decrease brain ageing and lessen the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Here’s a diet that’s been approved by experts to keep … Alzheimer’s Diet: Foods to Prevent Alzheimer’s

Try ‘I Am Love’ products to heal your skin internally

Skin is one of the largest organs for humans therefore, it faces the maximum heat in terms of wear and tear on daily basis. Therefore, taking care of… Try ‘I Am Love’ products to heal your skin internally

Yes, I love Holistic Health!

If you know me, I’m HUGE on Holistic Health. I believe that your body is designed to be great if it’s in the right environment. What I mean by that … Yes, I love Holistic Health!

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