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Vitamins – Functions, Deficiency, and Sources

Vitamins are essential nutrients our body needs to function normally. We obtain them from food as they are naturally present in food, and our body … Vitamins – Functions, Deficiency, and Sources

Killer condition can have no symptoms – except one sign in the feet

A KILLER condition that affects millions of people in the UK has no symptoms – but your feet could give clues. High cholesterol can creep up on … Killer condition can have no symptoms – except one sign in the feet

Terrible Habits For Increasing Belly Fat

Our habits define us, our personality, our behavior, and also our physical health. Habits are of two types: bad habits and good habits. Good habits … Terrible Habits For Increasing Belly Fat

Avocado Toast Recipe 🥑 (VIDEO TUTORIAL INCLUDED) — MadeByBernadine

Hello everyone! For today’s recipe I thought I should share one of my favorite lunches, because I need to start posting some more savory recipes here! This is super simple and always turns out delicious- avocado toast! I love having avocado toast for lunch, but it’s also great for breakfast and good for your body; […]Continue reading “Avocado Toast Recipe 🥑 (VIDEO TUTORIAL INCLUDED) — MadeByBernadine”

Review of Loma Linda Tuno — Relax Into Success

A Plant-Based Seafood Alternative  Today I will review “Tuno” a Plant-Based Seafood Alternative… and talking about the flavor, texture, protein, carbs, fat, and more.  Watch My Video to Find Out More… Dr. Paul Haider  Dr. Paul Haider – Master Herbalist – Many Blessings to Everyone!  I Have the #1 Herbal Channel on YouTube Please Subscribe […]Continue reading “Review of Loma Linda Tuno — Relax Into Success”

Let food be thy medicine — Shalem Consulting

Hippocrates once said “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. We are coming up to a busy time in the year for food consumption and then the subsequent New Years resolution to lose it all. Let’s think for a moment, what was Hippocrates thinking when he offered these words. First of, it […]Continue reading “Let food be thy medicine — Shalem Consulting”