That calf of yours — Rightways

Some like them big, some like them small, but either way, the size of your calves can tell a lot about your health. MEN take pride in having them big, but women want them slender. It’s a skeletal muscle group that’s difficult to bulk or trim, even though it’s one of the most used inContinue reading “That calf of yours — Rightways”

6 Vegetarian Toast Recipes (Video) — The Gastronomy Gal

Use homemade or store-bought bread to make these 6 delicious vegetarian toasts that are perfect for any meal! Step up your toast game with these tasty toast combinations that are completely meat-free! They have so much flavor and are a nice break from a typical peanut butter and jelly toast (my childhood go-to). I made […]Continue reading “6 Vegetarian Toast Recipes (Video) — The Gastronomy Gal”

4 Benefits Of Using CBD Oil With Your Pets — Katzenworld

Having pets can improve your life in many ways. When you have one, you’ll get to exercise more, and learn how to be more patient. Being a pet owner may also help you ward off allergies because spending more time with pets may boost your immune system. If you want to become one of the […]Continue reading “4 Benefits Of Using CBD Oil With Your Pets — Katzenworld”

Weekly Reiki healing — Rhapsody Bohème

I have thought about it before and even solicited input on the subject of doing weekly reiki distance healings for anybody that wants to tune in. The question is probably coming up in a post that is still scheduled or may cross with this one. Having a new Baby, one as in myself has to […]Continue reading “Weekly Reiki healing — Rhapsody Bohème”

Feeding Your Body When You are Sick — Eat at Texas Tech

Hippocrates once said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. It is understood that food is vital for providing the energy that your body needs to function and perform everyday task, however it can do much more than that. Feeding Your Body When You are Sick — Eat at Texas Tech

Eating My Way Through the Alphabet: Letter W — snapshotsincursive

What’s Cooking in Gail’s Kitchen? Watercress Bacon Dinner Salad! If you like salad, you will find yourself saying, “OMG, I want a second helping!” My husband and I can literally eat this dinner salad until we think we will burst! And then we’ll have one bite more! (P.S. Spring is the best time of year […]Continue reading “Eating My Way Through the Alphabet: Letter W — snapshotsincursive”

Improve mobility and flexibility with these activities — When Women Inspire

Are you moving less than usual during the pandemic? Improve mobility and flexibility by trying one or more of these exercises. Improve mobility and flexibility with these activities — When Women Inspire

Pumpkin Spice Latte — Lindsay’s Cooking Adventures

Hello hello and welcome to week 2 (of 2) of fall themed recipes on my blog! This week, my special ingredient is PUMPKIN which I think is the food most associated with the season. You already know how much I love squash but pumpkin sort of hits differently. It’s so creamy and sweet but a […]Continue reading “Pumpkin Spice Latte — Lindsay’s Cooking Adventures”

#Turmeric Spiced Milk – A perfect #Winter #HealthDrink — Food2go4

A Pilli chitthi ( Yellow letter ) is used to mark the happy news of a marriage proposal being locked and ceremonial proceedings to start at the Bride and grooms place. Every Pooja process has turmeric being used as a symbol of purity. Even the bride and groom  undergo a lot of Haldi ( Turmeric […]Continue reading “#Turmeric Spiced Milk – A perfect #Winter #HealthDrink — Food2go4”

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