Alzheimer’s Diet: Foods to Prevent Alzheimer’s

Certain meals can help to decrease brain ageing and lessen the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Here’s a diet that’s been approved by experts to keep … Alzheimer’s Diet: Foods to Prevent Alzheimer’s

What Is a Typical Dinner in Puerto Rico? — Nutrition Dork

Puerto Rico is known for it’s delicious and flavorful food. Typically a Puerto Rican dinner consists of rice, beans, meats, and stews. Mainly cooked in a heavy kettle or caldero. One of the most popular dinners includes beefsteaks, or in other words “bistec”. The beef is marinated in adobo, a mix of salt, garlic, black […]Continue reading “What Is a Typical Dinner in Puerto Rico? — Nutrition Dork”

🌴(️ Karnataka Special)😍. 😛🌴Mysore Masala Dosa Recipes😝🤗

Mysore Masala dosa is a famous in Karnataka. South Indian tiffin snack popular not only in India but outside India too. Masala dosa is on the menu … 🌴(️ Karnataka Special)😍. 😛🌴Mysore Masala Dosa Recipes😝🤗

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