Flexibility Series for Runners: Part 1

Static vs. Dynamic Stretching vs. Foam Rolling: The Great Debate of Sports As many of us prepare for fall running race season, I wanted to visit this… Flexibility Series for Runners: Part 1

10 Unexpected Ways to Find Happiness in Life — It’s all about Inspiration

In today’s digital world, finding happiness in life is going to become a question mark for almost all of us. Finding yourself again with a friend, starting a new project or turning your life around will make you find happiness almost without realizing it. Sophocles said that the greatest joy is the unexpected. And it… 10Continue reading “10 Unexpected Ways to Find Happiness in Life — It’s all about Inspiration”

How To Get Started With Exercise — Paleo Marine

I received this message this morning from a former fellow National Guardsman regarding exercise and getting back into a successful regimen: Hey so I know you’ve posted about it before, but I was curious about your exercise routine? I’ve been out of the Guard for a year and a half now and it shows haha. […]Continue reading “How To Get Started With Exercise — Paleo Marine”

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