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10 Unexpected Ways to Find Happiness in Life — It’s all about Inspiration

In today’s digital world, finding happiness in life is going to become a question mark for almost all of us. Finding yourself again with a friend, starting a new project or turning your life around will make you find happiness almost without realizing it. Sophocles said that the greatest joy is the unexpected. And it… 10Continue reading “10 Unexpected Ways to Find Happiness in Life — It’s all about Inspiration”

How To Get Started With Exercise — Paleo Marine

I received this message this morning from a former fellow National Guardsman regarding exercise and getting back into a successful regimen: Hey so I know you’ve posted about it before, but I was curious about your exercise routine? I’ve been out of the Guard for a year and a half now and it shows haha. […]Continue reading “How To Get Started With Exercise — Paleo Marine”

Renew your Motivation to Exercise — Feel Healthy with Dr. Scott Lear

Is your exercise program stuck in a rut? Has your motivation to keep active been fading? If so, you’re not alone. At some point in our exercise lives, we all experience setbacks or don’t see the progress we expect. If that happens, we may lose that motivation to exercise. Even the most dedicated, and hardened […]Continue reading “Renew your Motivation to Exercise — Feel Healthy with Dr. Scott Lear”

Daily Dose of Nature — Be Inspired..!!

Aromatherapy & Yoga Essential oils work synergistically with Yoga and complement poses that encourage increased circulation, improved muscle tone, deep breathing and relaxation. The five principles of Yoga are exercise, deep rhythmic breathing, release from tension, relaxation and meditation. The physical exercises are the Asanas, various stretching poses that have many health benefits including increased […]Continue reading “Daily Dose of Nature — Be Inspired..!!”

Milind Soman’s tips to defy age — The Siasat Daily

New Delhi, July 30 : Model-actor and fitness enthusiast Milind Soman is in his mid-fifties, but could easily pass off as a thirty-something. He says staying active, hydrating and self-care are the key elements to fight aging. Milind shares tips on how one can age well, by making a few minor dietary and lifestyle adjustments. […]Continue reading “Milind Soman’s tips to defy age — The Siasat Daily”

How to get a whole body workout with Resistance Bands — Wellness4U Community

A look why Resistance Band are great exercise equipment to use for home based workouts, especially when looking to maintain size and the ideal accessory when training outdoors. How to get a whole body workout with Resistance Bands — Wellness4U Community

My home abs workout!!#14 — Fitness freaks

Hlww guys, hope u r gud and fine. Today i am here with a another intresting home workout blog(abs).Most of the youngester want 6-pack abs but they lack coz of improper exercise or diet i am here with a set of 5 exercises which can be both by both who want to burn their […]Continue reading “My home abs workout!!#14 — Fitness freaks”