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Why prebiotics and probiotics are so important to health

Gut health is all about prebiotics and probiotics. You may have heard the words before, but do you know what prebiotics and probiotics actually are? … Why prebiotics and probiotics are so important to health

Prebiotics, What Are They Good For?

As per this prebiotics guide, prebiotics are a group of nutrients that are degraded by intestinal microbes. In recent years, its relationship with … Prebiotics, What Are They Good For?

Prebiotics Decoded! — Health Guru Gal

But probiotics need food to survive. The cells that line the colon (colonocytes) and the good bacteria work together to protect you from invasion of harmful germs into your body, thereby preventing disease. They depend on the nourishment gleaned from food that is not digested in the stomach and small intestine. That’s where prebiotics come in.Continue reading “Prebiotics Decoded! — Health Guru Gal”

Organic apples — Organic Living/Cooking

Apple is the most edible fruit in the world. Apple tree originated in central Asia. Its scientific name is Malus domestica and family Rosaceae. Apples are grown for thousands of years in Asia and Europe then brought by colonists to north America. Apple contains lots of Vitamins necessary for metabolic processes. Vitamin C, Riboflavin and […]Continue reading “Organic apples — Organic Living/Cooking”