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What Are the Benefits of Eating Kimchi Everyday

Kimchi is a traditional dish that has been a staple for pretty much every Korean households. It is often served as an appetiser in Korean restaurants… What Are the Benefits of Eating Kimchi Everyday

Great Health Benefits Of Probiotics

Did you know that if the gut is healthy, your 70 % immune system is healthy? Problems of the digestive system include indigestion, constipation, … Great Health Benefits Of Probiotics

Probiotics: veterinary, human or DIY? — nutrition rvn

Probiotics are relatively new to veterinary medicine, despite being regularly used in human medicine and readily available over the counter in most pharmacies – clients are beginning to catch on, and it’s a growing trend to add probiotic supplements or foods such as yoghurt, kefir or raw milks to pets diets. Probiotics are incredibly useful […]Continue reading “Probiotics: veterinary, human or DIY? — nutrition rvn”


What Role Gut Bacteria Play On Your Health? — Food & Health

Gut bacteria Illustration The idea that we have bacteria in our gut may make us freak out because the word Bacteria is linked more often to the word disease. But don’t worry, the bacteria living in our gut are there for a good cause. In fact, they play a big role in our health and […]Continue reading “What Role Gut Bacteria Play On Your Health? — Food & Health”