It’s Pancit Bihon — DREAMS AND ESCAPES

Second to rice, pancit is a Filipino noodle dish which is also a staple on our table. It uses rice sticks mixed with pork, shrimp, chicken and vegetables. We even mix it with sliced hot dogs and chicken liver. I prepared this for lunch today and followed Chef Tatung’s recipe by adding sliced squid balls […]Continue reading “It’s Pancit Bihon — DREAMS AND ESCAPES”

Tender Lamb Stew Recipe – Falls Off The Bone — My Keto Kitchen

We made this Tender & Hearty Lamb Stew Recipe in the pressure cooker but it’s also easy to make in a slow cooker or instant pot. Lamb Stew Recipe – Tender, Warm and Hearty We’ve sung the praises of high-pressure cooking before and continue that song with this rich pressure cooker lamb stew recipe. The […]Continue reading “Tender Lamb Stew Recipe – Falls Off The Bone — My Keto Kitchen”

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