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How To Avoid The Most Common Fitness Pitfalls

While exercising isn’t complicated, it’s very easy to make mistakes. Often times the mistakes are made because of a lack of proper technique training… How To Avoid The Most Common Fitness Pitfalls


Whether you know them as electromagnetic fields or electromagnetic frequencies, EMFs are invisible energy waves emitted from powered electronics and … EMFs and YOUR HEALTH

Most Affordable Medical Alert Systems — My Blog

The advantages of automated fall detection to seniors may be nice. Considering that one-third of adults over 65 will fall annually, fall associated injuries usually are not unusual. Also, should elderly alarm you or the one you love has diabetes, low blood glucose or another condition that increases your threat of falling, this feature might […]Continue reading “Most Affordable Medical Alert Systems — My Blog”

Don’t Underestimate the Joy of Pets

The other day I visited the park and saw something disturbing. Three different idiots allowed their dogs to chase and terrorize the squirrels that resided. Before that moment, I had never noticed how the squirrels reacted on a deeper level. The little creatures were trembling with fear. People tend to forget that animals have familiesContinue reading “Don’t Underestimate the Joy of Pets”