Recipe: Carrot Cake — Diane McGyver

This carrot is ready to walk away. This year, I grew an abundance of carrots. I grew them in the multi-sowing pattern: three seeds in one hole. If you’re like me, you’ve been taught since your first steps in the garden to either drop one seed in the hole or (since this is carrots), scatter them […]Continue reading “Recipe: Carrot Cake — Diane McGyver”

Avocado Toast Recipe 🥑 (VIDEO TUTORIAL INCLUDED) — MadeByBernadine

Hello everyone! For today’s recipe I thought I should share one of my favorite lunches, because I need to start posting some more savory recipes here! This is super simple and always turns out delicious- avocado toast! I love having avocado toast for lunch, but it’s also great for breakfast and good for your body; […]Continue reading “Avocado Toast Recipe 🥑 (VIDEO TUTORIAL INCLUDED) — MadeByBernadine”

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