New Online Christian Fitness Community —

I don’t think I shared on this channel about the online Christian Fitness community that a handful of Christian Fitness sisters and I started. God put it on each of our hearts at various times last year, to start YouTube Fitness channels with Him at the center. On each channel you’ll find prayer, declarations, encouragement […]Continue reading “New Online Christian Fitness Community —”

How To Get Started With Exercise — Paleo Marine

I received this message this morning from a former fellow National Guardsman regarding exercise and getting back into a successful regimen: Hey so I know you’ve posted about it before, but I was curious about your exercise routine? I’ve been out of the Guard for a year and a half now and it shows haha. […]Continue reading “How To Get Started With Exercise — Paleo Marine”

The Secret To Improving Stamina & Endurance – Cult Fit — Bombay Ficus

Disclaimer : I do not own this article. This article was originally published here. It was insightful and I felt like sharing it with the readers on this page. I should also tell you that I have been a member of Cult.Fit for almost a year now and use their gyms regularly. What’s the secret, […]Continue reading “The Secret To Improving Stamina & Endurance – Cult Fit — Bombay Ficus”

Concise Book of Muscles — The Other Stuff

Susan dug out the Concise Book of Muscles this morning. As I limped around the house for the eighth consecutive day making short sucking sounds that mimic air being let out of a tire whenever I stepped wrong, I thought it might be a good idea to try to identify the issue.  Last weekend, in […]Continue reading “Concise Book of Muscles — The Other Stuff”

Glute Activation + Glute Focused Lower Body Workout. — Minimalist[ish] Coffee Mom

Happy hump day! 😉 It’s been a while since I’ve switched up my lower body workout.For today, I am sharing with you an updated version of my previous glute and lower body workout routine. Like the previous one, this workout is divided into two parts; a glute activation warm-up and then your strength potion. We […]Continue reading “Glute Activation + Glute Focused Lower Body Workout. — Minimalist[ish] Coffee Mom”

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