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The Awesome Things You Can Learn About Eyesight

Healthy eyes begin with your food intake. The best foods for eyesight are beans, kale, nuts, tuna, eggs, carrots, sardines, oranges, spinach, lemons, and collards.

My eye doctor suggested that I wear sunglasses that have UV protection. A glaucoma test was included with the regular eye exam. We all need to take care of our eyes. This includes getting enough rest and drinking plenty of water.

Nowadays computer screens can be brighter than we need them to be. Perhaps you have noticed that you get headaches when you sit in front of the computer. Simply dim the screen light and the eyestrain or headache should subside. 

In the event, you are experiencing dry itchy eyes apply eye drops. Many of us have allergies whether we know it or not. Eye drops such as #Visine offer soothing relief. Too much caffeine can dry your eyes out.

Some issues are simply hereditary. Others may stem from obesity. Fortunately, one of them is reversible. Physical fitness has so many benefits, your eye health is included.

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When you wear a contact lens it is not a lifetime lens. These must be maintained until you have to dispose of them. Take them out before going to bed. Bacteria can form and harm your eyes the next day. It could even cause temporary blindness and red eyes. 

Only leave the lens in overnight if prescribed by your doctor. Follow their instructions for the best results.

Use the liquid contact solution to clean them daily. Never take out your contacts using dirty hands. Always cleanse your hands before you begin. 

Smoking is known to cause cataracts. The actual smoke is the culprit. No matter how you look at it, smoking is bad for anyone’s health.


Eat a well-balanced meal

Stay hydrated

Don’t or quit smoking

Be mindful of your sleep habits

Get your eyes checked annually

Find out if there is a history of eye issues

Adjust the brightness on your electronic devices

Don’t abuse your eyes

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