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Self-Care That Future You Will Admire

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Many are barely making meals from scratch. When you go to the market, you will see carts filled with processed foods. Those foods include additives and preservatives. Both are unnatural for the human digestive system. As time progresses, so do deficiencies. 

Our bodies are struggling to maintain balance. Our bodies are self-healing. But, our skin tissue and organs are limited based on what is available. The physical body depends on us to take care of it so it can perform at optimal levels. Any neglect on our part will lead to inevitable consequences. Malnourishment can only go on for a limited time. Anything afterward will turn a situation into a chronic illness.

How is it that people are more likely to take their smartphones and cars in for repair? But, not show the same concern for your bodies?

The time has come for everyone to take care of themselves (self-care). Over-the-counter medicines are not the answer and only mask any ailments. Food is nature’s real cure. 

Begin focusing on your gut health. Have you noticed anything off about your body’s functioning? Has acne taken up residence on your face, neck, shoulders, or back? Are your hair and nails dry and brittle? Please pay close attention to brain fog because it decreases your ability to focus and make decent decisions. You are likely to feel fatigued, bloated, gassy, and constipated. 

Create a journal via a book or digital. Jot down when you first noticed any new experiences. Include how it made you feel, the duration. Did something change in your diet recently? What did you do to recover? Use this information as a template for self-care in the future—arm yourself with the knowledge of what you need naturally. Begin incorporated different foods into your diet every couple of weeks. Learn what interests your tastebuds.

Once you have compiled a list of all the fruits and vegetables you like, research recipes will keep the momentum going and keep you on track of your holistic goals. What is your goal, you ask? Now is the time to build a better you. Since you are a machine made of flesh, start investing in yourself. Do it because you are worth it. Start impressing yourself by regularly achieving a new wellness goal. Future you will thank you later.

Take advantage of nature’s bounty. Be sure to select foods varying in color. Do not just throw your hands up in the air. Make a conscious decision to assist your body in outperforming itself regularly. Bone broth is an excellent place to begin.

Bone broth consists of gelatin, amino acids, nutrients, collagen, and cartilage. As of today, society overall has become unfit and unhealthy. Autoimmune diseases are developing at an exponential rate. Having a lack of wellness has not happened overnight. 

Bone broth naturally occurs when boiling food with bones in water for a long time. The residual flavors soups and stews. Do you remember a time when your mother or grandparent cooked for you? Bones were in the food you ate. All of nature’s goodness was in that simmering pot. Back then, individuals rarely became ill. Incorporate that back into your lives. Or start a new tradition to pass along to younger people.

Make Your Own Bone Broth

Also, remain hydrated at all times. Flavor your water with fresh slices of fruit or vegetables. The nutrients will enter your system quickly, and it is refreshing as well.


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